See You Later - Netted
Article • September 25, 2012

See You Later

Invite Your Closest Friends to Events with GiddyUp

Social networks are kind of like wild mushrooms: They’re popping up everywhere and the names are getting weirder and weirder.

Perhaps it’s time to revert back to the original social network: the people you actually know. GiddyUp for iPhone and Android uses only the contacts on your phone to organize real-world gatherings with real friends.

Create an event (dinner with friends, for example) and tick off the people from your contacts list that you want to invite. Add a time and location – even a picture if you’re feeling fancy – and GiddyUp will instantly blast out a high-tech invite.

Recipients who have the app installed can use the one-button R.S.V.P., while those with smartphones receive a link to the event’s mobile-optimized landing page. There’s a real-time attendance tracker and a group chat section for useful discussions and/or not-as-useful shenanigans.

The only challenge is deciding which social network to use when bragging about all the fun you’re having.