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Article • September 28, 2012

Find Videos Worth Watching

Watch excellent, curated videos on Devour

The YouTube Gamble: If you play a video, will five minutes of your life have gone to waste, or will this be the most important video of the day and the centerpiece of your conversations?

Devour ensures your answer is always the latter. Every video is hand picked by real people with really good taste.

The front page displays the most recently discovered videos, but you can also browse by specific categories like animals (try Animals Acting Like Sharks Week), travel (we like The Lion City), or sports (where we found our favorite iPhone 5 review: Will it Dunk?).

You can customize your viewing background and even watch on the go using the free app for iPhone and iPad. And the only things you’ll see underneath a video are a description of exactly what you’re watching and a link to the next awesome video. No inane comments. No obnoxious autoplay.

Only time well spent.