Camera Roll Call - Netted
Article • October 2, 2012

Camera Roll Call

Unify Your Photo Storage with Snapjoy

Some people take photos by pointing, checking lighting, reframing the shot, adjusting the focus, holding their breath, then slowly depressing the shutter release.

Everyone else uses camera phones.

The more prolific snappers will fall in love with Snapjoy, which compiles and organizes the photos you’ve spread out across Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, and your hard drive. Storage space starts at a generous 5GB, but there are plenty of easy ways to earn additional free space.

Once your accounts are synced and your photos are uploaded, everything is automatically grouped into an expansive timeline. Photos can be shared either privately (via email or a secure link) or publicly on Facebook and Twitter.

Two cool features worth noting: When someone shares a photo with you, Snapjoy gives you the option of claiming it for your own timeline. And the “remember when” button displays a series of random moments from your past.

There’s bound to be a few you’ve forgotten about.