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Article • October 3, 2012

Party City

Send Real-World Gifts with Electronic Gift Cards on Treater

Remember Facebook’s send-a-virtual-teddy-bear-to-a-friend program? Well, they’re relaunching it – this time with actual teddy bears.

Two problems. One, it’s rolling out gradually – very gradually. And two, you don’t need it. Not when there’s already Treater.

The new site and iPhone app uses Facebook to instantly send codes redeemable for real products right to a friend’s smartphone. Recipients can walk into the store, grab the item, and show the notification at checkout. Bam, instant gift.

Presents range from Starbucks lattes to American Apparel tank tops, but essentially what you’re buying is a store credit. If you give a latte but they want an iced coffee? No problem. If you know your friend wants a particular item from American Apparel? Make a customized gift in that amount.

The prices for Treater’s prearranged gifts may seem steep, but taxes and cost disparity from state to state are factored in. Plus, unused overage never goes to waste. If you send Suzie a $4 latte and it only costs $2.25 then $1.75 goes into Suzie’s piggy bank to use another time.

As for Facebook’s new gifts, just bear with them.