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Article • October 4, 2012

Finally Pay Everyone Back for Bills and IOUs

Settle balances and IOUs with Splitwise

Our greatest challenge with dividing bills used to be that we kept ripping receipts into equal parts.

Now it’s remembering who owes us money and vice versa.

Splitwise helps us keep track and divide bills online and with Android and Apple apps. Pay back loans via PayPal right from your dashboard or investigate whether you even owe with Splitwise’s fairness calculators.

Since debates sometimes ensue, images of bills are uploadable whether it’s an IOU between two parties or a bill split multiple ways. For the latter, though, assign different values by percentage or individual prices.

And since things like rent or mortgage payments happen every month, every interaction you establish can be set to repeat at appropriate intervals.

Its value grows as exponentially as our whole receipt collection.