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Article • October 5, 2012

Greatest Hits

Listen to Your Friends' Shared Music with Serendip

Everyone wants to be a DJ.

Not everyone knows they’ve already been acting like one with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sync those two accounts with Serendip and you instantly have a complete and automatically updating list of songs your friends have shared. Serendip usually ends up tracking mostly shared YouTube music videos, but it also tracks every Bandcamp and SoundCloud link shared as well.

The player itself includes your standard keyboard shortcuts to skip, pause, and more, but you can also unfollow Facebook friends whose musical taste proves incompatible. The Rock On and Air buttons on the left side of the screen give props to the DJ or share the song as your own, respectively.

And to add some flavor to the mix, inputting your favorite bands adds music from users with similar taste.

All you have to do is sit back and listen to your favorite DJs go to work.