Mini-Me - Netted
Article • October 8, 2012


Clone Yourself in Paper Form with

Every person is unique.

One head. One torso. Two arms. One leg box. And at, everyone puts their pants on one click at a time.

The new project from the founders of Netted-favorite Stickygram lets you create adorable miniature replicas of yourself and others with extremely simple 3D modeling. The company then prints out your cardboard clone on a single piece of thick card stock for you to pop out and fold together.

Designing your mini-you is easy, though facial customization can get tricky (one Netted employee had to look at her Facebook photos for reference). Finish off your look with clothing and shoes, both available in multiple colors.

Worldwide shipping is included in the price, so $12 will get your new desk gnome delivered wherever you need it.

That should get you thinking outside the box.