Outside the Inbox - Netted
Article • October 15, 2012

Outside the Inbox

Turn Marketing Emails into an E-Boutique with Shopilly

We have a game we play with Crate and Barrel.

Whenever we get an email from them, we contemplate unsubscribing. Then we think, “But what if our butter dish breaks and we miss the next 30 percent off sale?” Then we close the email and go about our day.

We stopped playing that game when we found Shopilly.

The site works in two ways. First, create a unique email address (such as netted@shopilly.com) and either use that to subscribe to promotional emails from your favorite brands or forward those emails to your Shopilly address.

Shopilly then takes those messages and transforms them into a Pinterest-style page, giving you a visual overview of every offer from every retailer.

Or you can skip email altogether. Shopilly collects and categorizes the marketing emails from over 400 companies. Window-shop the most recent or choose which ones to follow and create a virtual inbox of promotional material – leaving your actual inbox unclogged.

We’re pretty confident we won this round.