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Article • October 15, 2012

Boost Your Memory with a Mobile Assistant

MemStash is a bookmarklet for your forgetfulness

Remembering where you’ve parked your car is always a delight.

But forgetting important things you’ve just read is terrifying.

MemStash has a “Stash this” bookmarklet that can help. Simply highlight something you’d like to remember (even photos) and click the bookmarklet.

MemStash will then email you three reminders including the content: one in ten minutes, a second after 24 hours, and a third seven days later – intervals prescribed by a learning technique known as spaced repetition. (It’s what Roger Craig used to break Jeopardy’s all-time record for single-day winnings.)

Your dashboard holds all your old reminders, but also lets you edit and delete current ones or go back to the excerpt’s source. It’s also where you can create new memos without using the bookmarklet and sync up your Evernote account.

Good luck with the car thing, though.