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Article • October 16, 2012

Security Detail

Reveal and Cease Site Tracking with Privacyfix

We value you as a person.

The rest of the web values you as a paycheck.

Privacyfix is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that analyzes your browsing history to tell you exactly how much you’re worth to mega data collectors Facebook and Google. (Our estimated haul for Google: $1,711.20 per year.)

Once your current state of affairs is determined, Privacyfix goes about sealing the gaps. Didn’t know that your Facebook likes and Google Plus +1s are being used to generate advertisements? Or that third-party sites can collect your personal information when your friends install their apps? Now you do – and Privacyfix can stop it.

Privacyfix even lists all the websites currently in possession of your data and tells you how they are using it. As an added bonus, the Healthbar option enables a quick-reference display within your browser bar: green for no tracking and orange for varying levels of privacy violations.

This just might be your most valuable browser extension yet.