Let's Be Frank - Netted
Article • October 19, 2012

Let's Be Frank

Frank said what? Adds Curiously Accurate Captions to Your Photos

As we’ve said before, we’re very big on usefulness.

We’re also very big on uselessness done right.

Nailing the latter is Frank said what?, an iPhone app that adds captions to your photos. Silly ones. Supposedly without any help from humans.

The service is as straightforward as you might imagine: Sign up using Twitter or Facebook (don’t worry – no auto-posting) then either take a new picture or upload an existing one.

After 3–5 minutes you’ll receive a push notification that your photo is ready. Take a look. Have a laugh. And if it’s particularly amusing you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, email, or a static webpage link.

According to the app’s creators, “Frank looks at every photo and writes an individual response,” deftly dodging the question of “But is Frank a person or a robot?”

A few particularly witty images (like this and this) have us thinking Frank is more human than machine. Though when we asked the developers if the app could handle a huge influx of Netted readers all at once, their response was: “Bring it on.”

So go ahead, Netted readers. Give Frank your best shot.