Pop-Up Photoshop - Netted
Article • October 26, 2012

Pop-Up Photoshop

Filter Photos and Add Smart Tags with EyeEm

Thinking up pithy comments for our Instagram feed sometimes takes more work than it’s worth, particularly after all that time we’ve invested in filters, frames, and blurs.

EyeEm takes a different approach: automation. The app for Android, iPhone, and Windows phone – which we should note is drop-dead gorgeous – uses your GPS coordinates to intuitively suggest photo tags in a Clue-like format (“Drinking mojitos, at The Ritz, in Miami”).

Once tagged, your photo joins a group of similarly tagged photos in the Discover tab. As you snap more, EyeEm learns your style and Discover fills up with photos akin to ones you’ve taken. (You can see the most popular ones here.)

Like Instagram, photos can be edited: Swipe left or right to preview filters; up or down to breeze through frames. Unlike Instagram, photos aren’t constrained to one uniform size, and all your pictures are viewable online.

There’s something to be said for taking a different approach.