Between the Lines - Netted
Article • October 30, 2012

Between the Lines

Consume Important Articles from Friends and Prismatic

Needless to say, here in New York we’ve been keeping tabs on the news – from sites to blogs to Facebook to Twitter.

But instead of hopping from app to app, all the important stories come to us in Prismatic. The site syncs with your Twitter, Google Reader, and Facebook accounts to learn your interests and assemble a personalized newsfeed.

Prismatic formats content in a beautiful, easy-to-read layout on the web and even lets you save stories for offline access on its iPhone app (love that).

For the less socially active, the site also has a “stealth mode” where users can browse important news broken down by interest without connecting any external accounts.

Our favorite feature is how Prismatic emails us the content it finds most relevant, like a knowing friend suggesting a must-read article.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some stories to catch up on.