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Article • November 2, 2012

Keep Hackers Out of Your Private Accounts

Discover hacked accounts with PwnedList

One of our least-favorite weeks last year was when, LinkedIn, and eHarmony were hacked at the same time.

We then had to check each one to make sure our accounts weren’t compromised.

PwnedList, on the other hand, simply notifies you if it discovers your email in the hacker soup it’s constantly monitoring. All you have to do is enter your email address, though if even that makes you uncomfortable, just sign up with a securely SHA-512-hashed version of your address (which the site explains and shows you how to create).

If your email turns up among the cache of compromised data, PwnedList will alert you so you can change your password immediately.

The service is free for individuals, and if you tweet about it you’ll get a discount toward protecting multiple emails. Tiered plans are also available for businesses, but that’s really none of our business.

We have enough of our own stuff to worry about.