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Article • November 6, 2012

Fine Dine Among the Likes of Pro Chefs

Eat where the best chefs eat with Chefs Feed

When experiencing chest pains, it’s best to consult a doctor.

For hunger pains, consult a professional from Chefs Feed. The app tells you where to go and what to order based on the personal recommendations of over 500 top-tier chefs from 16 foodie cities like New YorkSan Francisco, and Atlanta.

Select your city (whether it’s home or someplace you’re traveling to) and browse the expertly curated selection of top dishes and nearby eateries – from Zagat darlings to inconspicuous holes-in-the-wall. Make your selection then book reservations right from the app.

Follow your favorite chefs to stay up-to-date as they add new dishes to their feed. There’s also a comment section where you and other users can wax poetic about flavor profiles and contribute suggestions to round out your gastronomic catalog.

Because nothing pairs with a delicious entrée like a good app.