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Article • November 7, 2012

Objects of Affection

One Loveable Invention a Day from Daily Grommet
Inventions are a hit or miss business. Curating the hits is Daily Grommet. The site unveils one ingenuous product a day, telling the story behind its creation and giving shoppers access to useful items they didn’t even know existed. Here are a few of the current hits — just in time for holiday shopping.

Everyone has keys. Everyone hates their key ring. Everyone will love this simple-but-genius upgrade, which allows keys to easily slide on and off simply by pressing a well-placed bump. »

Inspired by military special-ops tools, these headphones sit outside the ear and transmit sound through bone-conduction technology, so the listener stays tuned in to the outside world. »
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23 tools — including a tape measure, liquid level, carbon steel hammer, and LED flashlight — in one compact package. Oh, and the shaft is magnetic, so loose screws and nails are always at hand. »
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It took more than six years to perfect this moldable, waterproof, and self-curing silicone material. Use it to fix, modify, or cushion just about anything, from metal and glass to fabric and plastics. »