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Article • November 9, 2012

Paper Cutter

Create Crazy Sites with Scroll Kit

Our go-to move for special events, announcements, or well-wishing usually includes a visit to Facebook or Someecards. Generic, yet effective.

But when the message needs a bit more oomph use Scroll Kit, which turns your entire computer screen into an editable, shareable canvas.

Add and move words, upload pictures and backgrounds, embed videos, and add special effects or hyperlinks. Once you’re done – whether it’s a five-minute hack job or a more serious endeavor – share the page’s unique URL with anyone you want.

What can you use it for? If you’re the founder of the site, you replicate Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, with the exception of a spinning profile picture. But a GIF-loaded marriage announcement and the self-portrait of a paralyzed Cyclops are viable options, too.

You can even link your page to a domain you already own with a few simple clicks. Speaking of, does anyone know if is taken?