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Article • November 16, 2012

Fresh Food

Record Fast Food Puppet Videos with Foodagram

There’s a joke somewhere in here about how you are what you eat.

But frankly, we’re having too much fun with Foodagram to bother looking for it.

Choose your puppet (Papa Roni the pizza, Pattie the hamburger – you get the idea) and your preferred set design. The site will then use your webcam or microphone to record ten seconds of you talking and match mouth movements to your chosen puppet.

(Hint: Speak clearly and wait for background noise to subside lest your puppet look like Jim Henson in a sneezing fit.)

The app is part of a Toronto-based campaign to “change the culture of food in our schools, homes, and communities.” So while your voice is being processed, you’re presented with startling facts about the fast food you’ve chosen.

Once production is complete, email your video to someone special or share it on Twitter and Facebook.

That should give your friends some food for thought. (Nailed it.)