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Article • November 19, 2012

Digitally Organize Your Expenses in a Clear Program

Itemize calculations with explanatory notes in Soulver

A morning math problem for you: numbers + words  confusion × the coolness of your Mac = ?

Ernt! (That’s our buzzer sound.) The correct answer is Soulver. The app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad takes the thinking out of everyday math by combining words and numbers in a natural way.

For example, let’s say you’re in the market for some socks. One store is offering a ten-pack of socks for $29 with $2.99 shipping and another store is offering a three-pack of socks for $12 with 20 percent off and free shipping. How do you know which to buy?

Simply write it out. Literally. And Soulver will perform the operations (everything from converting currency to calculating percentages in 14 different ways) and tally the results line by line.

The best part (besides suddenly being great at math) is that when you show it to someone, your work – sheets can be saved to Dropbox, exported in a number of formats, or printed right from the app – will make total sense.

Even if you’re not sure why.