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Article • November 20, 2012

Keep Your Coupons Organized and Your Purse Clean

Shop smart with RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot has a holiday wish. It’s that no one pays full price for a gift.

To make that wish come true, the company has built something pretty revolutionary: an iPhone app that offers you coupons as soon as you walk in the mall.

Simply install the app, then shop as you normally would. Using fancy technology called geo-fencing, the app alerts you of coupons when you walk near stores offering discounts. Grab a gift, show your phone to the cashier at checkout, and save money. Pretty amazing.

You can even use the app’s coupon-mapping feature to plan a money-saving shopping spree in your immediate location.

%image_alt%And to make sure all its coupon bases are covered, RetailMeNot has also built a Facebook app that suggests coupons based on the brands you “like.”

So you like Target. You click on the RetailMeNot Facebook app and boom, there’s a coupon for Target.

What more could you wish for?