Plenty Questions - Netted
Article • November 21, 2012

Plenty Questions

Poll Close Friends for Anonymous Answers on YouTell

Dangerous questions: Does this mustache make us look creepy? Do these pants make us look fat? Wasn’t dying our hair fuscia the coolest?

Dangerous action: Answering any of those questions, ever.

But if you need honest answers to questions like that, YouTell lets friends answer anonymously and without fear of reprisal. Joining with your Twitter or Facebook account makes it easier to find friends and use your existing social profiles, but sending email invites is also a viable, private option.

There’s even three screener questions people have to answer, depending upon whether they’re friends, family, or coworkers before they can dole out the candor. That means you won’t have to bother coworkers with questions about holiday gift giving, or relatives with ones about consuming too much coffee.

Which is to say, you can tell us it’s too much coffee, but you’ll pry that mug from our warm, dead fingers.