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Article • November 23, 2012

Bowling League

Examine College Football Statistics with StatMilk

In Thanksgiving’s aftermath, there’s good news and bad news: You’re going to have tasty bowls of leftovers for at least a week, but the first bowl games aren’t for another two weeks.

With the BCS in sight, check Statmilk for more college football statistics than an ESPN intern’s workload. The ability to examine entire conferences or hone all the way in on individual players’ game performance make it the perfect place to fret over every possible outcome.

Notre Dame fans can track the team’s bid to end its 25-year championship drought, though we’re busy following Johnny Manziel as he attempts to become the first freshman to win the Heisman in the 78-year history of the award.

The site’s four primary categories – teams, head-to-head matchups, individual players, and rankings – each filter down to an absurd level of offensive, defensive, and special-team minutia with a few simple clicks.

In other words, be careful of overconsumption.