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Article • November 27, 2012

Visualize and Remember Your Crazy Dreams

Chart your dreams with Dreamboard

Five days of Thanksgiving leftovers have been known to cause ill-fitting pants, desensitized taste buds, and some pretty bizarre nightmares.

Let your body fend for itself and focus on your mind with Dreamboard. The tool makes it easy to journal and analyze your dreams with a beautifully designed site and iPhone app to match.

Track the very nitty-gritty details of every entry: colors you’d associate with the dream, who else was there, or whether you were the protagonist or even there at all.

Entries are editable in case what wasn’t a recurring dream suddenly becomes one. It’s also perfect for adding details as they become clearer or finally deciding what puzzle your brain was trying to solve.

And all those details are automatically tracked with line graphs, pie charts, and more to make light work of decoding your subconscious – even if it is soaked in gravy.