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Article • November 30, 2012

Create an Online Band and Practice Instantly

Host a four-person musical freakout on JAM with Chrome

The scene: a basement somewhere. The players: those teenage hooligans. The instruments: drum, bass, guitar, and keyboard. The volume level: notoriously high.

JAM with Chrome has a nearly silent solution that requires no basement, no instruments, and no talent – which those ruffians probably don’t have anyway.

Choose a nickname and an instrument (options range from hip-hop drum machines to steel-string acoustic guitars) then invite up to three friends to play along. When your instrument of choice pops up on the screen, start playing by dragging your cursor across it.

Easy mode offers four auto-play patterns, while pro mode lets you generate new tunes using your keyboard – an exercise in both musicality and dexterity.

Sadly, this brilliant little creation is a Chrome-only experiment, but also possibly the push you’ve needed to finally check out Google’s newfangled browser.

So log in and tune out.