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Article • December 5, 2012

Find and List the Most Innovative Gifts

Compose crowdfundable wish lists with Jifiti

Socks: the holiday season’s natural enemy.

To avoid getting stuck with another unwanted pair, download Jifiti for Android or iPhone. Scan barcodes in participating stores (Gap, Crate and Barrel, Sephora, and more), and the app quickly adds the items to a wish list, which you can then circulate to potential gift givers.

But unlike normal, boring, not-so-digitally-advanced wish lists, Jifiti lets your friends and relatives purchase the gifts right from the list. Better yet, your cash-strapped cousin can chip in on a portion of a gift, leaving the remaining amount for someone else (like your other cash-strapped cousin) to cover.

Depending upon your preferences, your gift either ships directly to you or Jifiti generates a barcode enabling you to pick it up in store.

Lists: now socking it to bad gifts all season long.