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Article • December 10, 2012

Private Records

Search and Quantify Your Web Usage with Archify

The average Internet user visits over 500,000 websites per day (or so says our office fact checker).

Here to memorize it all is Archify.

The plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera silently follows you as you browse the Web, archiving everything you see and cataloging all your activity on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Each article you read, picture you view, and video you watch is saved in your personal Archify archive, which is incredibly sortable and searchable.

But this is no simple web history. For starters, Archify create a visual record by snapping a screenshot of every page you visit. And tweets and wall posts are automatically funneled in behind the scenes, even without you visiting the sites.

Besides remembering everywhere you’ve been, Archify also compiles statistics on your browsing with reports on pages viewed, most-visited sites, time spent surfing, and more.

So you can see just how average you really are.