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Article • December 11, 2012

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Score Discounts Just for Checking In with Elephanti

Convenient: Online shopping.

Even more convenient: A better way to shop offline.

That’s the ambitious goal of Elephanti, a new Android and iPhone app that combines the best of e-commerce (product searches and automatic discounts) with the best of brick-and-mortar (personal service and immediate gratification).

After creating an account, users can search for individual products housed within physical storefronts and create smart shopping lists complete with a map connecting your destinations.

Once inside the store, check-in on the app (it’s private, not public like Foursquare) and receive a discount on your entire purchase.

Users can also review companies, suggest stores and items, and bookmark their favorites for future reference. And Elephanti is free to join for both shoppers and merchants.

It’s anything but business as usual.