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Article • December 12, 2012

Predict and Get Alerted on the Latest Trends

Predict popular culture and get release reminders on Hypejar

Trying to predict the future is as difficult in real life as it was at the end of the last Star Trek movie.

Which reminds us: The Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer doesn’t reveal much, but sure seems exciting. And since we’re looking forward to seeing it, we added it to our Hypejar to get notifications and make sure our predictions about its success prove accurate.

But the site isn’t just for collecting movie notifications: Hype up (or down) things like music, books, video games, gadgets, TV shows, and more if you think it’ll soon dominate pop culture. There’s also a calendar to quickly find releases by individual days or entire weeks.

And if you know something’s coming out before everyone else does, simply add it to Hypejar yourself.

So go ahead and change your name to Spock Prime – you’re about to get stuck in the future.