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Article • December 14, 2012

Treats per Minute

Listen to What Other People Are Listening to with

The constant assault of new music often feels like standing under a waterfall.

Here to keep you afloat is The recently launched site helps you discover relevant tunes – both by artists you already love and ones you don’t yet know you love.

How it does that goes way beyond mechanical algorithms. “Trending” and “newest” songs are available along with prefab playlists from your favorite artists and blogs. But every user can assemble a custom listening stream by adding songs from throughout the site.

This is where things get interesting. Log in with Facebook and you can follow other friends who are using the site. Not only can you access their stream, but you can “tune in” to them when they are online and listen to what they are listening to in real time. They skip a song, you skip a song. It’s eavesdropping at its most entertaining.

All of which will make your stream of new music significantly less burdensome.