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Article • December 17, 2012

Uninterruptedly Encrypt All of Your Emails

Send safely encrypted emails with Mailvelope

Your email has a fancy new accessory – a secret decoder ring.

Mailvelope is a Chrome extension (Firefox arriving soon) that lets you send encrypted emails through Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and more.

Start by creating and distributing unique passwords to each of your trusted confidants. Without the decryption key, your coded email will look like scrambled gibberish.

To encode a message, simply click the Mailvelope button in the top-right corner of the sandbox. Now you have an incredibly safe email with two layers of security: the email account password and that email’s encryption key. So if the account is hacked (or accidentally left open in front of the wrong pair of eyes), private information is kept private.

Note that recipients need to have Mailvelope installed for the instant gratification. Luckily this fancy accessory is completely free.