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Article • December 19, 2012

Search and Enjoy

Get Answers Instead of Tiny Links with Kickvox

We’re really excited to see Django Unchained.

Unfortunately, our phone’s search engine thinks we’re really excited to learn the Django web framework.

Luckily, Kickvox for Android and iPhone just gets us. The search engine designed specifically for smartphones is loaded with too-big-to-miss visual cues and smart results like IMDB profiles, Rotten Tomatoes scores, and Wikipedia excerpts.

Of course, it’s not just for movies. Search for anything you need – whether bands or Band-Aids – and the closest answer and most relevant tools (eBay, Amazon, Netflix, etc.) are displayed right at the top.

Navigation all takes place right within the app, with Back, Next, and All Results buttons prominently displayed. The predictive results are spot-on, the navigation is easy, and the speed is blazing.

You might say it’s mobile search unchained.