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Article • January 2, 2013

Book Your Move in Minutes

Get price quotes and choose movers online with Unpakt

Movers are the people who step in to lift, pack, and transport the things you can’t.

They’re also the ones notorious for last-minute price hikes, fuel surcharges, and taking innocent sofas hostage.

To make sure there’s nary a surprise markup or even the slightest reason to doubt your movers, size up your worldly goods with Unpakt, now available in over 50 cities nationwide. Outline when and where you’ll be moving and pick the appropriate items – from living room furniture to numerous box sizes – and Unpakt does all the math for you.

It helps you plan your move down to the smallest detail. With so little room for error, Unpakt manages to guarantee every price quote it provides. Compare rates from various companies (all licensed, insured, as well as verified by Unpakt) and read reviews from other users. Once you’ve found your favorite, book right on the site.

Ironically, the only thing it can’t help you do is unpack.