Bang for Your Hukk - Netted
Article • January 3, 2013

Bang for Your Hukk

Hukkster Tells You When Items You Want Go on Sale

After years of painfully unreturnable monogrammed sweaters, your family finally got the hint and gave you exactly what you wanted for the holidays: gift cards.

Now maximize their potential with Hukkster, a new tool that tracks the products you want and notifies you when they go on sale.

Start by dragging the “Hukk It” button into your bookmarks toolbar. Then browse more than 120 stores Hukkster currently supports, including J. Crew, Best Buy, West Elm, Target, and Etsy. When you see an item you like, click the Hukk It button.

If the price drops, Hukkster will notify you by email or text message. Make the purchase then or roll the dice and get another notification if the price falls or a coupon code becomes available.

Now that’s some personalization you can get behind.