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Article • January 4, 2013

Wheels Up

Book Travel Based on Your Rewards with MileWise

The modern reward program is equally as confusing as it is rewarding.

Is it better to pay more to earn more miles? Should this trip be booked with miles instead? Did this reward already expire?

MileWise answers all of those questions by syncing with your car rental, hotel, credit card, and airline rewards programs. Then when you shop for flights, MileWise shows you all the ways you can use cash, frequent flier miles, or points to book your trip in the most economically efficient way possible.

If you’ve been cataloging your rewards programs in Netted-favorite Award Wallet, you can import your accounts directly from there. If not, MileWise offers similarly helpful alerts for expiring or newly earned points, plus extra perks like notifications when cheap seats opens up on your desired flight — a feature where the matching iPhone app really shines.

The only confusing decisions left are which way to best reward yourself.