Put Your Old Gift Cards to Good Use - Netted
Article • January 9, 2013

Put Your Old Gift Cards to Good Use

Digitize, use, and recycle your gift cards with Gyft

With all the gift cards you’ve accumulated your wallet is starting to resemble George Costanza’s.

Ease the physical burden with Gyft, an app for Android and iPhone that digitizes and stores you physical gift cards, then lets you use and even regift them right from your device.

Simply upload all of your cards then ditch the plastic. Your store credits now live in the one thing you have with you at all times: your phone.

To use a card, select it from your list and click “redeem.” Show the number to the cashier when shopping in-store or enter it at checkout online.

You can even purchase and send cards via email and text directly through Gyft. Fan of recycling? With a few simple taps you can regift any cards you don’t plan on using. We know, we know: You’re bursting with excitement.