Ding Dong - Netted
Article • January 11, 2013

Ding Dong

Ding Dong Shares Your Location with the Push of Button

A corner office. Groupies. Your own meme. There are lots of ways to say “I’ve arrived.”

The easiest is with Ding Dong, a new iPhone app that shares your current location with the press of a button.

Sync the app with your contact list (Facebook friends are available, too) then choose your recipient and press the big, takes-up-the-whole-screen doorbell button. That person will receive a package containing your name, the current time, and a map of your location.

So if you arrive early for a date (or you’re running late), send a Ding Dong. On a tropical island and feel like bragging? Ding Dong away. As a replacement for many standard update-style text messages, this one-button app is a charming time-saver.

There’s even the option to include a photo, either from the rear-facing camera to show off your surroundings or the front-facing camera to capture your face.

Because nothing says “I’ve arrived” like a mug shot.