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Article • January 14, 2013

Instantly Print Your Photos From Your Phone

PostalPix gets your digital photos into your real-life mailbox

“Print is dead!” is now as ubiquitous a piece of received wisdom as “We use 10% of our brains” and “The best things in life are free.”

But if that’s the case, then explain PostalPix, a throwback app that prints your mobile photos in a variety of shapes and sizes and mails them straight to your door, just like in the olden days.

And it doesn’t stop with prints; PostalPix does iPhone cases, mousepads, even – and this is cool – daguerreotype-like, one-millimeter-thick aluminum plates.

Just download the app, pick the pics you want delivered, and you’re done. No more toting flash drives to CVS, no more camping in the darkroom for hours. It marries the charm of old-school photography with the convenience of mobile — with prices starting at just $0.21 per print.

Sometimes the best things in life are just cheap.