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Article • January 16, 2013

Add MP3s to Your CDs and Records

Amazon is giving you MP3s for every CD you've purchased since 1998

If you’re like us, some of your music is in the cloud, some is trapped on a hard drive, and the rest? (Cut to stack of CDs that you never got around to ripping.)

But before you start importing Natalie Imruglia’s seminal Left of the Middle again, say hello to AutoRip, a just-added component to Amazon’s already-impressive cloud music service.

Here’s how it works: Amazon is giving you music. More specifically, it is giving you MP3 versions of every CD you purchased from Amazon since 1998. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t bought a CD since the Clinton administration; if the album is ready on AutoRip (and they’re adding more every day), then it will automatically appear in your digital account.

And the same deal goes for any physical CD you purchase from this day forward: Get the disc, the tunes show up in your Amazon Cloud Player – available for listening on your Kindle, iPhone, or Android.

Your songs will go from ripped to “Torn” in no time.