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Article • January 18, 2013

Bet on All of Your Favorite Fantasy Sports Instantly

FanDuel is conquering sports betting, one day at a time

Let’s say you’re not the world’s biggest football fan.

You like the 18-layer dip and the talking baby commercials, but you once thought the NFC stood for “Near Field Communication” and mistook Clay Matthews III for Chris Hemsworth. (Who can blame you?)

Even so, FanDuel is going to pique your interest by putting some skin – or shall we say pigskin – in the game.

FanDuel is a fantasy sports betting site that lets you create leagues based on specific teams for as short as just one day. So this weekend, while the actual players battle it out on the gridiron to go to the Super Bowl, you and your pals can battle it out on the couch for a couple of bucks.

Actually, more than a couple bucks: FanDuel recorded about $50 million in 100%-legal winnings last year alone, which means that if Tom Brady figures out how to throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time, you might be cashing out.