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Article • January 25, 2013

Skip Waiting for Potentially Nonexistent Movie Credit Extras

Discover what lays beyond the credits with Anything After

Spoiler alerts: Rathe is the evil professor, Nick Fury approaches Iron Man to join the Avengers, and Skeletor lives.

But if you didn’t stay for the after-the-credits clip – a.k.a. the “stinger” – of Young Sherlock HolmesIron Man, and Masters of the Universe, you never would’ve known any of that.

So: to wait (with potentially no payoff) or not to wait (and potentially miss the juicy stinger)? Cue Anything After.

You guessed it: Anything After is the mobile app that tells you if there’s anything after the credits and, based on user voting, if it’s any good. That way you can know whether to sit tight while the rest of the suckers blithely file out, or skedaddle while the cinephiles speculate.

Now there’s a spoiler you probably don’t mind hearing.