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Article • January 28, 2013

Make Wellness Reachable with this Personal Fitness Guide

Begin your journey to holistic health with Fig

For the rich and famous, there are personal trainers, nutritionists, yogis, tarot card readers, health food gurus, Swedish masseuses, sleep therapists, regular therapists, spiritual advisors, juice cleanses, and dog psychiatrists.

For the rest of us, there’s Fig.

Fig is your all-in-one personal trainer in app form. Tell it where you’re looking for balance and it sets up a holistic regimen of notifications to help you achieve your goals.

We spent a week with Fig and got to see its curative powers firsthand. To improve our diet, it nudged us towards healthy snacks and reminded us to drink water. It suggested keeping a diary and connecting with friends. And if we didn’t hit the gym, it implored us at least to take the stairs.

For the low price of free, this app is a keeper. But if you still want to shell out for the dog psychiatrists, we won’t blame you.