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Article • January 30, 2013

Shop Top Creative Technology and Hardware

Get the most innovative off-the-beaten path gadgets with Grand St.

You’re lucky if you’ve got that one friend who is in-the-know about tech.

She’s beta tested apps you’ve never even heard about. Everything she’s ever done is in the cloud. Somehow she’s got her tablet synced up with her blender. When you want to know what the next cool thing is, she’s your gal.

But if you’re not so lucky, don’t sweat it: You’ve got Grand St.

Every other day, the folks at Grand St. feature one product they really believe in – stuff like aFrame, a speaker disguised as framed art, or the Withings Scale, a bathroom scale that syncs with your iPhone to track your weight.

You’re more likely to find the products featured on Grand St. at a boutique than at Best Buy, and they only hold limited quantities of the pieces they pick.

But all that’s because these are the curators’ picks; the products are noteworthy because they come from people trying really cool things, and because they are usable, interesting, and get you thinking about possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Like, say, a blender synced up with a tablet.