CouchCachet - Netted
Article • February 1, 2013


CouchCachet Will Do the Partying For You

Here’s to those who consider Netflix and Seamless the perfect night; to those befuddled by invites to that “cool new place” when there’re leftovers in the fridge; to those who’d love to go out and socialize if only they didn’t have to go out or, you know, socialize.

To those people, we present CouchCachet.

While others are out working hard for their social status, CouchCachet uses Foursquare to check you into the coolest places that your pals aren’t at (so you don’t get busted).

It compiles Instagrams of chic society-types and substantiates your sham revelry with tweets about how delicious the suckling pig is at the Breslin.

Is it lying? Unquestionably! But does it work? Yes, beautifully. In a matter of clicks, CouchCachet fabricates an edifice of coolness that simultaneously makes your friends’ warehouse party seem less rad and frees you to catch up on Downton Abbey without being judged.

Sounds, well, perfect.