Braindex - Netted
Article • February 6, 2013


Challenge the Famous and the Weird on Braindex

Q: Where can you find Mike Tyson, Andy Milonakis, and a “Pot Consultant” named Ryan all in the same place?

If you said “the weirdest high school reunion ever,” that’s a good guess. But the answer we were looking for is Braindex, a new iPad app that is set to radically transform interactive gaming.

Braindex, billed as “the world’s first App Show,” pits your mind against the famous and the weird in a TV-quality trivia game show. Mustachioed host Alex Blagg poses a question that you and your illustrious competitor race to answer. The quicker the response, the more points you rack up.

And if going head-to-head with La La Anthony or Amir the Venice Beach Bodybuilder isn’t thrilling enough, know that you play them in real time, with new episodes added every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

It’s a nifty trick; as if the only thing separating you from Ryan was thin “air”.