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Article • February 11, 2013

Take WiFi Anywhere You Go

Karma is a wireless hotspot you'll want to share

What if you never again had to worry about finding Wi-Fi?

If, like us, your heart just skipped a beat, you should seriously consider checking out Karma, a wireless hot spot that is quickly ascending to can’t-live-without status in our high-tech repertoire.

The device itself – about the size of a cookie – creates a safe little pay-as-you-go 4G network in any of the 80 cities where service is currently available.

The first 100 MB of data usage are free; after that is when it gets fun. You can always purchase more (1 GB is a mere $14), but you also receive 100 MB of free data whenever a stranger plugs into the network.

So if five people hop on your Karma while you’re working in the park, they each get 100 MB of gratis surfing while you get a whopping 500 MB just for being available to them.

Plus, Karma has cut a deal with us: The first 20 people to sign up will get 20% off the device. Everyone else still scores a sweet 15% discount.

Karma’s not a boomerang – it’s a hot spot.