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Article • February 13, 2013

Get the Most Out of Your Entertainment System

Get your tube in tip top shape with THX Tune Up

So you just bought a brand-new, oversized flat-screen TV, but something feels off.

Why is everything stretched and moving soap opera-smooth? And how come David Attenborough’s narration on Planet Earth creates a low-grade earthquake in your living room?

All good questions, and THX Tune-Up has the answers. George Lucas’ renowned hi-fi standard has released an iPhone app that syncs to your TV or sound system to recalibrate its picture and sound quality.

The app connects to your TV wirelessly via Apple TV (iPhone 5 only) or with Apple’s Digital AV Adaptor and an HDMI cable. Once connected, THX Tune-Up will scan your set’s output and tell you what changes to make so you can watch the “Ice Worlds” episode with no significant seismic disturbances.

To celebrate (we celebrate most things television-related), we’re giving away a pair of Beats By Dre headphones to one lucky Netted subscriber, which frankly sounds good to us.