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Article • February 15, 2013

Build Up Your Dank GIF Stash

Giphy is Google for GIFs

These days, it seems like GIFs – you know, those loopy little mini videos – are everywhere, from immensely popular Tumblrs like “What Should We Call Me” to The New York Times. But when you want to dig up that one of Obama on a skateboard, they’re suddenly nowhere to be found.

Thanks to Giphy, which launched February 1, the world of GIFing just got a lot easier to navigate. Giphy (pronounce the soft “g” to get the pun) is like Google GIFs. It sifts through the websites that post these little loops and corrals them into one searchable, organized space.

So now you’ll never need to struggle to find your way back to your favorite GIFs of puppies, or jokesters on the kiss cam, or Usain Bolt making a kid’s life, or amazing babies, or tiny bunnies, or . . .

Sorry, we got a little carried away there.