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Article • February 20, 2013

Visit Online Garage Sales

Buy your neighbors' unwanted stuff with Krrb

You just want a lamp from this yard sale. Not that antique couch, not that pile of warped records, and definitely not that mounted moose head. If only you could see what your neighbors were hocking without having to wade through all this other stuff.

With Krrb, you can search individual items people in your neighborhood are trying to get sell, so you’ll never have to wade through unwanted junk at a yard sale or thrift store again.

Here’s how it works: when you sign up for Krrb, you provide your location, which is kept anonymous until you want to sell something. It then generates a list of all listings close to you – great stuff your neighbor from around the corner just had sitting in her attic.

If you decide to do a little selling of your own, the transaction is seamless: Krrb takes no commission, and since you’re selling to your neighbors you don’t have to shell out for shipping.

Though, in hindsight, that mounted moose head was pretty cool.