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Article • February 21, 2013

Read the Best News for Your Personality

Get content based on your personality type with Archetypes

Go on Facebook and you’ll see the things your friends like. Go on LinkedIn and you’ll see what your professional contacts find interesting. Go on The New York Times website and you’ll see what reporters think is important. These are all useful, but they all leave out one essential audience: you.

Archetypes is out to fix that. It learns about your personality type and pulls content it thinks will jive with your identity.

Start with a quick quiz to figure out your personality types (we’re “Creative”, “Caregiver”, and “Intellectual”). Archetypes will immediately begin sending you content that appeals to each of those personality types.

Plus, when you see something cool elsewhere on the Internet, you can tag it, Pinterest-style, so your friends and personality-mates can enjoy it too.

So go on Archetypes and find the things you like.