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Article • February 25, 2013

Browse, Curate, and Buy the Best Art

Find the best modern art with Artspace

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was at first an amateur.” Likewise, every great art collector was once a beginner.

That whole “getting started” thing can be a real challenge without something like Artspace, a website that’ll let you curate miles from Museum Mile.

With the belief that art and artists should be accessible to everyone, Artspace is a site that showcases the work of both emerging and established artists – it allows regular folks to purchase unique works, limited editions, and collect art alongside the experts. We’re doing it too!

To celebrate its second birthday (yay!), Artspace wants to kickstart the collections of Netted readers with some sweet deals. The first 100 of you who sign up for Artspace will get $35 off your first purchase, the second 200 will get $25 off, and everyone after that will get a 10% discount.